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Brave Winter with these 5 Aromatherapy Tips

Prevent winter infections at their very genesis (at the first signs of symptoms), breathe fresh essential oils enriched air, relieve a stuffy nose, or even treat yourself with an aromatic herbal tea… Discover below our 5 go-to aromatherapy tips we couldn’t brave winter without!

Support energy with 1/2 lemon juice taken on an empty stomach every morning
To gently detoxify the liver, stimulate the natural defenses, and fight against fatigue, a well-known cure of lemon juice is always a good idea.

Squeeze a ½ lemon every morning and put it in a cup. Then top it up with lukewarm water, and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast.

Bonus: lemon is the ideal partner for dull skins because it is very rich in vitamin C, which is essential to recreate collagen, so this cure will even make your skin prettier!

Relieve a runny nose with Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil

A well-known expectorant, the essential oil of organic radiate eucalyptus is very effective in decongesting the respiratory tract. Better tolerated than the essential oil of eucalyptus globulus, which is found everywhere in Portugal, it can be applied directly to the skin:

2 or 3 drops in pure friction on the chest

3 drops on a tissue, to be breathed as soon as needed

In hot inhalation, 5 drops in a bowl of hot water, place your head above the bowl, a sponge on your head to retain the water vapor. Close your eyes and breathe in and out for 5 minutes.

1 to 2 drops in the evening on your pillow

And if during your peregrinations in the forest, you come across eucalyptus trees, do not hesitate to take some leaves. Crumple them and breathe in.

Once back home, I even let the leaves dry in the open air, away from light and humidity. I then use the dry or fresh leaves to make myself a hot infusion .... and as a bonus, this infusion just before going to bed soothes my mind deeply!

Treating sore throats with Tea Tree essential oil
As soon as the sore throat is felt. Take out your winter aromatherapy Swiss Army knife… the essential oil of tea tree! Apply a drop directly on each side of the throat.
Very effective also locally in case of herpes!