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How to Boost your Glow with Raw Botanical Oils

The surface of the skin is protected by a hydrolipidic film: an emulsion of water and fat that contains varying amounts of sweat, sebum, and other residues of different substances. To protect, strengthen, and nourish this hydrolipidic film and the skin’s layers below, botanical oils are amazing allies. Today, we’re telling you why.  Get ready, it’s going to get a little technical, but it’s only to take better care of your skin. Show your skin some love, it will love you back, promise!

Why Botanical Oils?

Botanical oils are made of more than 95% fat, called triglycerides. These triglycerides have a great affinity with the lipid film of the skin.

The un-saponifiable, the extra non-lipid portion of the oil contains the vitamins, minerals, proteins, waxes, plant sterols, tocopherols, chlorophyll, carotenes, squalene, antioxidants, and many additional compounds that are extremely useful as:

Radiance & Glow enhancers
The phytosterols encourage the formation of collagen, have anti-inflammatory and UV protection properties.

They will delay skin aging, disinfect the skin, and act as an anti-inflammatory, fight redness, and activate microcirculation.

How to choose your Botanical Oils?

To get the most out of their amazing properties, you need to choose them carefully. Prefer the most natural, raw ones. Meaning the ones that are:

First Cold-Pressed (providing the highest quality of oil and preserving all the precious benefits). This process will ensure that during the extraction process, there has been no overheating so that the oil retains all these famous triglycerides and un-saponifiable and that they have not been degraded.



Untouched: make sure that once extracted, it has not undergone other transformations such as discoloration, deodorization

Why did we choose Jojoba, Rosehip, and Macerated Carrot Oils to create our Get Soft Face Radiance Serum?

Our Get Soft is composed of 2 precious botanical oils:

Organic Jojoba oil – Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil

Organic Rosehip seed oil – Rosa Rubiginosa seed oil

To that winning duo, we’ve also added a powerful vegetable extract: Organic Macerated Carrot oil — Annuus seed oil and Daucus carota extract.

Jojoba oil

This oil composition is very close to the constitution of the sebum of the skin.  It will lay down a non-greasy film that attracts moisture while regulating the flow of sebum from sebaceous glands. It doesn’t clog the pores and protects against and treats the condition of acne. It also assists in the healthy production of the acid mantle that guards against harmful bacteria and skin imbalances.

It is emollient, regenerative, restructuring, and toning! I mean, it’s basically your skin’s best friend!

Rosehip Seed oil

Regenerative and nourishing, Rosehip seed oil, has several compounds that directly benefit the skins, with nearly equal percentages of alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid of close to 40% each.
Its vitamin A content increases elastin content promotes collagen formation and delays the age-related breakdown of the skin and underlying tissues.
Vitamins E and C help to delay the onset of skin aging, nourishing the cells and shielding against oxidation while creating a lipid barrier that protects and supports the skin.
Tannins add stringent qualities to rosehip seed oil, giving it a dry non-comedogenic quality.

On the skin, the oil has a silky and luscious feel, absorbing quickly and completely creating a moisture barrier. Again, a no-brainer for us. We just had to add it.

Macerated Carrot oil

The Macerated Carrot oil, produced by the maceration of carrot roots in organic sunflower oil is very rich in carotenoids (including beta-carotene), a precursor of vitamin A  but also rich in phospholipids.

It will bring suppleness and elasticity to your skin, and will help it prepare for the sun by bringing it radiance and glow! You will have a tanned complexion.

Bonus! It will help your skin recover after a day in the sun. Your complexion will be even rich in antioxidants preventing degeneration and premature aging.

These components make our Radiance Get Soft a great serum for all skin types.

It is especially interesting to give your skin a tan. It will also be your ally to prepare and then soothe your skin after a beautiful day in the sun, wind, or cold without leaving any greasy film on your skin.

Bonus, thanks to its rich antioxidant it will delay the appearance of the first wrinkles!

So, why did we choose to combine the benefits of these active ingredients in the form of a serum rather than a cream?

The cream is usually composed of:

Water (water, aqua) about 60% to 70% or more

Vegetable oils: 15 to 20%

Emulsifier: 5 to 8%

Custodian: 1%

A - Water brings nothing to the skin.

And, because of the presence of water, to guarantee the shelf life of the product over time and to fight against the appearance of bacteria and fungi/molds it is imperative to add a preservative. Preservatives are often blacklisted - they can be potential endocrine disruptors.

B - To succeed in an emulsion, we will often have to heat the aqueous phase and the oily phase. And as you know, the natural ingredients are heat sensitive.

C - To finishes to have a beautiful texture, manufacturers often add texturing agents like silicones or other raw materials not necessarily useful to take care of your skin. And that can be potentially dangerous for your hormonal system or the environment.

We rather like to use natural only ingredients: organic botanical oils, essential oils, and natural anti-oxidants.  Simple winning formulas, extremely concentrated so only a few drops are enough to soak in all the powerful benefits.

If you are still afraid of the sensation provided by botanical oils, here’s a little tip of mine: in the palm of your hand put a nut of aloe vera gel to which you will add 2 or 3 drops of your GET SOFT serum. You will get an energized, effective, natural, AND super light beauty product!